dear byu,

dear couches strategically placed in the ladies room,
today, when i went to take my lunch break at work and needed a nap oh so desperately, i was really missing your company. i loved how socially acceptable it was to rest my pretty little head and sprawl out on couches. i know i used to complain about your placement and how people would go into the ladies room to "relieve stress" (if you know what i mean) but now, i wouldn't mind. oh, what i would give to be able to just take a long restful nap instead of struggle to stay awake in a hard-wood chair in barnes and noble.

dear random benches throughout the wilk, jfsb, rb, and most other places on campus,
i miss spooning with you. our daily encounters were highlights of my day when i could no longer study or take blackboard quizzes. please come place yourselves all throughout sugarhouse.

dear wonderful little nook under the homework turn-in places in the benson,
although when i layed myself down in the comfort of your arms, i'd often accidentally get a little kick in my bum or face, i would die to have a nook like that in sugarhouse. why isn't it socially acceptable to lay down and sleep anywhere else but college campuses? don't people think that professionals get just as tired or more tired than college students?!?! save a spot for me...i will return someday.

maybe instead of napping, i'll choose the alternative that my friends and i discovered sophomore year in high school during a sleepover (if you can't tell, we drew eyes on our eyelids)(also please don't judge my bangs or whiteness):


Martha said...

I didn't read the caption for the picture before looking at it, and I was like, what the?! why does brook look so weird? that picture is completely freaky. and yet, awesome.

p.s. i live for taking naps on the benches all over campus.

Laura said...

BYU campus: home of the upper-middle-class hobo.

...gotta love it.

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Brook! I can't believe you posted that picture for the world to see! How horrifying! =)

BollingerMutual said...

Nice picture. Your friendship has outlasted the house it was taken in. The TV is gone, the bookcase we got from Tamara's parents in the background is gone. We still have the Tivo under the TV in storage, but we can't rewind our lives to this carefree time of such unimportant stress.