dear christmas,

dear christmas,

i have suddenly become VERY excited for your arrival.
i did not get enough of josh groban's cd last year, especially the song featuring faith hill.
i never got a chance to see the nutcracker last year, which i hope to do this year.
i hope to see a christmas carol this year as well.
all in all, i can't wait until temple square is so lit up it almost catches fire and everyone is buzzing with supreme excitement and complete romantical-ness.
i can't wait until people wont get annoyed with me for blasting christmas music (i have several recommendations if you need some fabulous tunes).
i can't wait until i can give people their presents i've been planning out for months.
i can't wait until i get to go home....(unlike the sooner holiday, thanksgiving. yes, i AM wallowing in self pity because i don't get to see family or even have roomies that will be around. turkey sub from quiznos, anyone?)

...waiting for the weather outside to become frightful,
nice (as opposed to naughty) brook


Lani said...

Brooke if you really want some where to go for Thanksgiving, I'm sure my mom would welcome you to her home! She's hosting this year for all the family out there (just a warning she comes from a big family)! Let me know if you need a temporary family for Thanksgiving and I'd be happy to give her a call!

Mallory said...

HOLY cow I love Christmas. This Christmas will be amazing. I have to admit, this post makes me anxious because I feel so unprepared for the Holidays and here you are, having your presents planned out for months. I think Christmas music should wait until Thanksgiving, which is coming soon and I can't wait.