i have become a boring person. i don't have funny things to talk about although i don't have anything negative to say either. i'm just medium.
i just want to buy a polaroid and this peace sign necklace in gold.
i also wish i could just become a great photographer and take wedding pictures all day long. is that totally weird? maybe. but i just love the idea of weddings, and how gorgeous every bride always looks, how happy the families USUALLY are, and just plain ol' wedding pictures.
don't get me wrong, my job, roommates, new 'hood and ward(s) are absolutely entirely fabulous.
but if i had my way.....

on a funnier note, my dad directed his first ring ceremony yesterday and was SOOO nervous. during the ceremony, he said something along the lines of the groom has never been a husband before..........or a wife. haha....oops.


Alex said...

I am so glad that your new life is FABULOUS! And your dad = hilarious. Currently my blog is being overrun with crazy anonymous commenters. I dare you to weigh in on the craziness, if you dare. hah!

Viviana said...

Your poor dad does not need more comments on his "honest", "factual" mistake. ha ha!! Think about it; he was only stating the truth!!

Jill said...

I might have to stop checking your blog if you are boring now. I don't need any of that in my life. I've got plenty on my own.
Hope Draper's not too boring.

Stephanie C. said...

haha, it's true! He said, "Ty has never been a husband before. Ty has never been a wife before."

For a second I thought he meant to say it... meaning that Ty should be empathetic? But then he realized he goofed and he blew his cover.

Other than that he did great :)