the ghost of thanksgiving past....

i just have to say that i've been sooo fortunate to have been able to have SUCH wonderful friends that have become family to me.

this is evident whenever i get sick, as people are SO willing to help me, comfort me, hug me, text me, call me, bring me movies, ask me how i'm doing, or even facebook me. 

i am honestly blessed beyond words to be able to have people in my life, and i can honestly say i've never been alone.

well, in addition to all of those instances mentioned above, i've had 4 out of the last 5 thanksgivings where i haven't been able to go home, and i just have to commemorate each one individually:

1. thanksgiving with the parrishes in park city, utah--one of my good friends marissa invited not only me, but another bestie to join her family in one of the best memories from my freshman year. we did everything from text our freshman boy crushes, to sleep, and experience my first thanksgiving in the snow:
brook's first time in th snow !playing in the snow

2. thanksgiving with the hutchisons in some southern utah town near st. george--whitney and her family invited me in to their beautiful cabin for a crazy adventure in 4-wheeling, christmas-tree-decorating, antique shopping, watching at least a dozen movies, and not to mention a tv marathon for i think 14 hours (although i can't remember what show it was.....i'm pretty sure it was the amazing race):

3. this was the year i actually got to go home. we hiked around 'frisco, went to the beach, decorated for christmas, and mostly just had fun being together. it was so wonderful!!

4. thanksgiving with the cotterells--this was an unforgettable family-packed thanksgiving. i honestly have never been to a function that big other than a ward function, but i ate up every second of: apples to apples, adorable nieces/nephews/cousins, chocolate, enchanted, and the most memorable spiritual thanksgivings so far. unfortunately, i didn't take any pics so sorry (i was embarrassed cuz i went tanning right before thanksgiving to boost my Vit D levels. needless to say i was a lobster...).

5. thanksgiving with the robinsons--i have never seen a more elaborate center piece and place settings in my life! we even each had our own see's candy. we also: played clue (i kind of won), taboo (our team won), and guesstures which i prefer not to talk about. it was so great! Thanks Allie!

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Alex said...

you WOULD go tanning to boost your Vit-D levels...love you brookie!