k hardy, my latina sister and i watching the movie:

we were pretending like we had fangs. pretty much we're the coolest:

i didn't post up until this point because i was hoping everyone would go and see it (more than once if you liked it as much as i did)

here is my analyisis:
  • it is complete cheese. i think i had a ridiculous grin on my face the WHOLE. ENTRE. TIME. not because it was soooo great (cuz in all honesty it was sort of bad acting) but because it was soooo cheesy.
  • the most hilarious line of the movie: "hold on spider monkey"
  • i originally did not like the edward cullen they had chosen from watching the previous, but after watching the movie, i have completely fallen in like with the man. he's charming in the movie, although ghastly white.
  • speaking of ghastly white, his "foster dad" is a little too fake looking
  • bella was just as great as edward. as was bella's dad, alice, jasper, esme (sp?), and emmit.
  • the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE, and i mean just amazing. especially when rob sings.
  • the baseball scene was INCREDIBLE
  • the defensive stance at the end of the baseball scene was cheesy
  • i absolutely looooveeeedddd the ending prom scene. it was so adorable, romantical, and just great overall.
in conclusion, i thought it was great and i've seen it twice. it's just as cheesy as the books (i mean the kid's skin GLITTERS for goodness sake), and i didn't go with high expectations so i absolutely loved it.

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