la la la la la la la

well, although my life has become completely boring, i'm absolutely loving this song by kina grannis:

it makes me smile every time i hear it (as do most of her other songs). and i kind of wish i was at the beach, although the sun is still shining with no snow in sight yet! i'm absolutely loving the weather right now....but if you want this song, they were offering the FREE mp3 a while back, and i'd be more than glad to email it to you: brookdorff [at] gmail [dot] com.

just some recent thoughts:

1. i've been having a WONDERFUL time listening to sheri dew's book no one can take your place. i drive about 25 minutes to and from work daily, and it's been so great and inspirational! i think you should all ask for it for Christmas. some of my favorite thoughts:
  • "none of us came to this earth to gain our worth. we brought it with us"
  • that while she was traveling back from one of her international trips, she was vascillating between feelings of guilt for all she had, and gratitude for all she had in this great country of ours. then it dawned on her that she shouldn't feel guilty at all, but since she DOES have so much (not that america is so great or anything, but more that we really are blessed) that she has so much responsibility to do more. i have struggled with similar feelings after visiting the dominican republic for a summer, and came to the same realization. we ALL are so blessed, and have SO much that we have to do here on earth! lets make sure we're doing all that we can exactly where we are--be it in school, being a mother, or wherever our sphere of influence is. we are all so blessed, have so much responsibility, and need to remember to look beyond ourselves sometimes (well maybe most of you are good at this, but it was a good reminder for me).
  • that we have SUCH a rich heritage--in this great nation of ours, and in our own families. just about 2 weeks ago, i got to fly home, and i talked with elder holland and elder caussé for a while, and it was so great. the best part was that elder holland has met my grandpa ayala before and had such great things to say about his "favorite eduardo." i'm not sharing this to brag (although it IS pretty cool), but to say that i know i personally have a lot to live up to and i can't let all of the work of the people before me go to waste. i also know that all of you great readers have such great people that have gone before you be it your parents, grandparents, or ancestors WAYYYYY back. 
well that's it for "brook's thoughts on life." stay tuned for the next episode. okay, just kidding. i've had these floating around my head for some time as i've been listening to sheri tell me every morning how unique i am (yeah, she and i have had some deep moments- be jealous) and we ALL are. i love you all. no, seriously. 

and jill, please don't stop reading. i promise i wont be boring anymore.... :)


Mallory said...

love the song. i want summer. but i do want christmas quickly first. i want to get on board the 'books on tape' train so i can be inspired by such wonderful quotes from the lovely sheri dew.

Darrell said...

I too love that song. Serious. I want to learn how to play it. And I also am totally addicted to books on tape. I have 'read' probably 4 in the last two weeks. Cause i listen to them at work

Alex said...

I heart you brookie. And I also heart when you text me Sheri Dew quotes. And I also heart your grandfather, though I have yet to meet him.
The exception is that I do not heart moose knuckles.

Christy said...

Nice post Brook! I like it!

Courtnie said...

Brook, get on my blog and click on the sidebar that says "Courtnie's Site" under "Do you like candles?" and that will link you to my Scentsy site. You can email me or call me with an order or come to my house and look at everything. I have a ton on hand to choose from. My family is great! Kolby is 1 on Sunday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)