well, after having a significantly down sort of day at work, i got home, and my heart almost burst out of my chest with absolute glee and excitement.
{this is my heart bursting}

i saw a wonderful little package sitting on the table, and was hoping it was my dress that i had ordered for vday festivities. luckily, it was, and it had arrived in all it's glory with the adorable braided straps and all:

then, i saw a lovely little pile of other mail, and looking through, it was all for MEEEEE!!

the first and foremost most important thing was that i received the pardon from the judge. this will be framed:

secondly, i got a mini version of my diploma--exactly what i've wanted my whole life. in the letter it also told me that this little gem will remind me every time i open my wallet that i am an alumni of the most wonderful university in the whole entire world (in more or less words). i was so excited, i just started snapping a gillion pictures, and the following photo shoot ensued:


Viviana said...

I love the little diploma. Treasure it and perhaps keep it in a safe place. You could always misplace your wallet and those are not replaces. But also check out this link:
Had you heard the news yet? The second in the nation after Harvard university!!! Way to go Brook!! - "yup"

Alex said...

Brook, consider yourself a collegiate humanitarian, because your mini diploma is enough motivation for me to stop procrastinating...