dear appendix,

dear idiotic part of the body,

it's been a year and i haven't missed you one bit. yet, i have daily reminders of your little burst for attention/temper tantrum. i did, however, get to see a lot of movies i had been wanting to see. i did also get to become super good friends with some people i wasn't expecting. lastly, i got lots and lots of chocolate. i guess it wasn't that bad after all. one more thing--i'm glad you didn't take my colon down with you. man, that would have been horrific. imagine what it would have done to my dating life!


Alex said...

You are so hilarious... I'm sorry I was in Spain when this flare up happened! I would have been there for you! I think your letters to your body parts are the hallmark of your blog.

Viviana said...

Don't remind me... it was such a stressful time for me. I will always feel bad I wasn't there for you. But I will always be grateful for all others who were sent your way. "yup"