dear life experiences i've missed out on,

dear south africa, new zealand, uganda, and peru,

i have been thinking a lot about you lately. i have been thinking about how we could have become really good friends; i've thought about how you could have become my newest favorite place, and how your people could have become near and dear to my heart. i've thought about how excited i was to finally meet you and to expand my horizons and vision as to what is important and what is not (although i often get a glimpse of that here in the estados too). sometimes i become overwhelmed and lament the fact that we have not met yet, and then i realize that what i did during the time i should have spent with you was so worth me not going. i mean, what if my appendix had burst while backpacking in new zealand? what if i had not met one of the people that has touched my life dearly while in south africa? what if i had come back to the u.s. this last december only to find no jobs available in public health? i know that i should be grateful, but i also know that you are where my heart longs to be in these times when i get ants in my pants. i hope that some day we will actually get to meet in person, and for now, i will try to do the best i can living up the life in draper, utah. 



Mallory said...

You WILL go. Timing is a funny thing. I thought I gave up my chance at a study abroad travelling Europe when I married Jimmy. BUT, it was actually because of that same Jimmy that I was able to afford and have the support I needed to go to Europe and the timing felt right. Funny, eh?

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

You have a whole life still ahead of you and will get a chance to go. Life can sometimes get repetitive, but along with adventurous part the boring part is still part of life. =)

Christy said...

Ah man I hope you get to go do all the things you want to! What are you waiting on? I always wanted to joing the Peace Corps but decided to get married and help Mark get through school instead. So I hope you do these things soon!

Alex said...

don't think of these as missed opportunities, think how much time you have ahead of you to do everything your heart desires.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect!? How many people do you know who were born in Hawaii, lived in the orient and traveled to South America. Dreaming is cheaper. There are even poor people in Draper. Maybe you'll meet a pilot and go all over the place and get sick of it. Of course, jets and helicopters are very polluting so maybe you should meet a swimmer or a coast guard. Just don't meet a surfer... they're useless!