dear las vegas,

dear sin city (don't worry i didn't do anything sinful),

i had a great time with you this weekend, and i mean GREAT. i'm available next weekend if you want to get together again. i'm not gonna play hard to get, because you already won me over.

here are a few of my favorite things about you:
  • in n out {this is a common theme in my life}
  • h&m
  • the premium outlets
  • helicopter rides*
  • awesome pilots of helicopters {seriously, if you want a helicopter ride in vegas, call tyler corbridge}
  • warm weather
  • red rock canyon
  • the las vegas strip
  • the NY NY rollercoaster
  • dance clubs
  • cheap{ish} hotels
  • free water everywhere
i hope we reunite soon. until then, i will be dreaming about you, and looking at my pictures and videos over and over again......

i miss you already....

*so our helicopter ride was phenomenal. we went over red rock canyon, landed on a mountain, over the las vegas strip, over a huge brand new casino, did some sweet dippy dips, and drove over some huge and gorgeous houses. the song that's the background music for the video is the music that our pilot played us on the trip. enjoy the picture show:


junior_maxwells said...

And people wonder why Jeremy and I are in the process of moving out here!!! There's so much to do and see. If you say you're bored in Vegas, then you're not doing it right!

Glad you enjoyed your trip. Come back soon!! :)

Amy said...

Love your blog Brook! It's cute and fun! You should check mine out sometime!

Glad you had a good vacation! Sometimes I feel like I could use one of those!

Viviana said...

did you go over the temple there?

Evaly said...

Sounds like fun- I could use a vacation. I love that your mom asked about going to the temple :) By the way, I LOVE your hair. Seriously, it looks so awesome.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Next time you hit up Las Vegas (Spanish for "The Vegas") stop by Provo on your way and pick me up. Would it kill you if I told you I have never been there? Your post/video really made me want to go, though. I wasn't sold until you mentioned the free water everywhere.

Christy said...

Wow. I LOVE that white shirt with the flowers going down the arm. Where'd you get it?