i remember being completely crushed when i realized that to be a radio city rockette, you had to be between 5'6'' and 5'7''.

i remember having my heart broken when a boy i loved in yochien didn't like me because i didn't know how to use chop sticks yet, and i ate lunch with a fork.

i remember one time i was asked to make a salad in japan (i was somewhere around 5 or 6) by my mamita. i was supposed to put a hard-boiled egg in the salad, and when i cracked the egg, it was definitely not hard boiled. my uncle (david) and mom laughed at me for a good half-hour, which of course made me cry more.

i remember lots of other things too...someday i'll divulge.


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Brooke, I think this blog post needs an introduction. Did something disappointing happen today or were you just reminiscing about sad things from the past? Did you live in Asian awhile back? Have you learned how to use chopsticks yet so that you can go back and impress that boy? If not, I can teach you.

brook said...

sorry dave. yes, i have been very disappointed lately due to several realizations. i actually DID live in asia (japan, to be more concise), and have finally mastered the art of chop sticks. would that impress YOU?? ;)