anyone lose a placenta?

because they've found a couple in illinois in the sewage system. i mean, you expect to find suspicious looking things in the sewage, but never a COUPLE of placentas. especially since several cultures consider the placenta to be sacred. as a matter of fact, it's usually buried for purposes such as:
  • so the mother's spirit doesn't haunt the child (bolivia)--the ghost of vivi past....yikes!
  • so the daughter born (if it's a daughter) can be a good clam digger (british columbia)--THAT'S why i stink at clam digging!
  • to ensure health of the baby and mother (costa rica)--duh mom, that's why we're sick all the time. maybe my appendix had beef with my placenta. speaking of, would it be MY placenta, or my MOM'S placenta? i mean, she produced it, but it was attached to me....hmmm...the mysteries of life.
  • to show relationship between humans and the earth (maori and navajo)--although this could be done much easier by just attending yoga at 24 hour fitness
  • to promote devoutness in the child's life (turkey)--shoot i'm in big trouble
some even thought it held magical powers:
  • egyptians apparently stuck the pharoh's placenta on a stick and took it to war. that's just sick and probably horribly smelly.
and some eat their placentas. now that is just gross!

(quick quiz! what am i thinking? wrong! i'm thinking about how skin is the largest organ on the body. name where that came from!)

okay, well, anyways, i just wanted to let you know if you've lost your (don't ask me if by "your" i mean the one that was attached to you when you were born, or the placenta's you've birthed) placenta, i've found it! just make sure when you go look for it, you don't let your children swim in the sewage....


Jill said...

the quiz sounds like it came from the mclaughlin group.

Amy said...


PS-this is possibly the most disgusting post ever. My stomach churned...I think it was the eating and GUH! raw sewage parts.

Christy said...

Funny. They don't have that law here I guess. I know mine (or is it Parker's?) was just thrown in our community dumpster. Next time, I'll burn it or something. I don't like the thought that it could be out there floating around.

Stephanie C. said...

technically the placenta is derived from embryonic tissues, so I would call it the fetus' organ. My question is: Where the heck are the babies that were attached to those placentas?!

Stephanie C. said...

PS placentas are so gross-looking

austin said...

That is definitely strange. Let us know if it's ever solved!

Miss Lien said...

Did Dwight say the skin comment on The Office last week--it does sound familiar. I think burying a placenta might be easier than a one hour hard core yoga session.

Larkin Family said...

Brook!! Hey girl! K girl, you know waaay to much about placentas! Haha. I'm so glad we found each other again! I love your blog...so dang cute.