i'm kind of a big deal

okay, well not really, but i've had some fun lately. now, just to preface, this is not a bragging session, but rather a "i got to take some things off of my bucket list" session.

a couple of weeks ago, i joined the local institute choir because i heard they were singing in general conference. well, i found out that they would be singing in the CES Fireside before that, and was excited at the opportunity to sing there! needless to say it was marvelous, and "prayer is the soul's sincere desire" is now my favorite hymn due to the last four verses we never sing.

if you didn't get a chance to catch that, you can watch the broadcast here. there are quite a few times you can spot me, but in case you don't wanna watch it, i've included some still shots because i'm that vein. actually, i look funny, but hey, i got some camera time! my friend alex told me i'm a great "ooh-er." if you don't wanna watch it for me, here are several more reasons to watch it:
1. elder hales gives an excellent talk
2. prayer is the soul's sincere desire is gorgeous (starts at 7:30ish)
3. this guy (need i say more??):

well, not only did i get to be on tv for the CES fireside, but i have been on radio disney also lately. as soon as i get that clip, i'll let you know.

lastly, i got to meet carlos boozer today. this could very well be the worst picture of me ever for all time and eternity (not to mention it's my bad side!!) but who cares?? carlos' arm is around me and that's all that matters. he came for a fundraiser that was done by a local elementary school to fund one program i'm over (open airways--it's for children with asthma aged 8-11). they raised the most money, and therefore got carlos boozer at their school! (ps if you know of a school that would want to participate next year, let me know!!)

well, here are some precious pictures from the glorious event. the kids were hilarious and the girls couldn't stop giggling (and quite frankly neither could i, haha). enjoy:


Alex said...

Geez I'm so jeal you boozed it up! and you are the best OOH-ER EVER. How did you find those pics?? That guy was seriously classic, he had our whole apartment in very un-reverent stitches.

Viviana said...

Your face in the pictures with Carlos says it all!! You look so excited. I hope we get the same face when you see us in April :)

Anonymous said...

That guy's face! I always loved being in choir just to watch people sing. I am so jealous of your Boozer encounter! I guess that's what happens when you are a grown-up and have a real job. I love the one where you are standing behind him--pure joy on your face.

Darrell said...

oh my gosh!! I totally remember seeing you during the broadcast! And did you tell Boozer to forget about his ankle already and start playing basketball?

Evaly said...

Wow- I'm related to someone who is practically famous! Glad you're having fun :)

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

WOW, you weren't kidding- You are a big deal! But you didn't need an NBA star or a General Authority to confirm that. That picture of the singer with the, well, 'soulful' mouth was classic.