dear big tobacco,

i hope you rot where you belong.
don't pay out utah's legislatures and governor, it's wrong.
don't steal the $$ that was allocated to be for tobacco prevention and control programs in utah. that's wrong.
don't try to coerce rep. bigelow into supporting HB 444 (well, you already have, but i hope it doesn't pass). it's wrong.
there are endless quotes from your companies and executives that tell us how evil and conniving you are. remember when the t. j. reynolds tobacco company executive said {and please excuse my french}

"we don't smoke that s%#t. we just sell it. we reserve the right to smoke for the young, the poor, the black, and the stupid."

now, i know that should set off some alarms for some, but it still doesn't for others (like our idiot legislatures).
leave us alone. don't buy out our legislators just because our tobacco campaign is actually working here in utah. 

you better watch your back (where the xray can see what's in your heart and lungs),

now on another note for all you readers out there. please do all you can to stop them! we have one week left to stop them from passing the bill.
or, you can just email blast bigelow (the idiot rep. that's sponsoring the bill) and call him at home: ronbigelow@utah.gov, 801.968.4188. pretty much the message is this one: that we NEED the tobacco prevention and control program here in utah, and that is has evidence to back that it's working. that people trying to quit, or that have had their lives ruined by tobacco deserve this right. that it is their moral obligation to use the $$ that was supposed to be used for tobacco in the tobacco department. 
let me know if you have any questions. 


Anonymous said...

You go girl!
Smoking is so senseless!
I think smokers should have the right to breathe smoke as much as they want, but they shouldn't be able to exhale and infringe on other people's rights.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Brooke, I admire your passion. Way to be involved in your work outside of your work. P.S. You never sent me your email address!