i have recently (okay maybe for a year now) have had a strong desire to become a photographer.
i am obsessed with photography (especially the wedding kind--weird, i know, but i love to observe people on one of their happiest days ever!).
i want to take great pictures.
i want to buy an expensive camera.
i want to travel the world taking pictures of beautiful and unique things.
i think people are beautiful.
i think nature is beautiful.
and i think i'm signing up for a community class on photography.
you may be asking, "where did this come from?" to this i respond, "who knows," but i've recently remembered that my dad's room was a dark room when he was a teenager, and my mom takes some stellar pictures. maybe it runs in the fam?

now, after all of that, here is the evidence that leads me to believe i wouldn't be a horrible photographer (yes, i took them all, and no, there was hardly no fiddling; i only edit/adjust pictures i'm in or other people are in that i think could look a little tanner, and could have a little clearer/less greasier skin):


Lani said...

I think you would be a great photographer! You definitely have a great personality for it, I think that's a huge part... getting people to feel comfortable and to smile (naturally).

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Brook, I think those pictures are awesome!

Darrell said...

Totally do it.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Not too shabby. The best thing about being a professional photographer is that you get to see beautiful people and sights all day long, for your job. That's pretty sweet! Have a great day!