well hello there

so this is a quickie update since i've been virtually MIA (pun intended).

1. my work is taking over my life. imagine me and my life being water, and any other additions as food coloring. so lets say that exercise is red food coloring. eating is blue food coloring. makes for a gorgeous purple. and church and other wonderful things are just purple, so it's still a gorgeous purple. and THEN you add green and yellow to the mix and all of a sudden it's poop brown. well that's what work's done to me recently. try responding to THIS beast of a grant and see how sane you remain.

1.1. on a side note, a lot of people ask me what it is i EXACTLY do, and i don't even bother to explain because it's really quite confusing. well here's a wonderful video that explains it pretty well (it's short i promise).

2. i'm going to....*drum roll please*....ECUADOR!! remember how i was going to go to peru for a whole semester after graduating? (if you've forgotten, there are several posts here, here, and here). well, i'm going to ecuador through the same organization on an expedition the first to weeks in july with my roomie. it is going to be wonderful as we'll be working with orphans and drop-in centers. on top of service, we get to do a little trip to the middle of the world (the equator, where you can supposedly balance an egg--i'll take a picture to prove it) and we'll get to slink over to the galapagos islands. you have no idea how excited i am.

3. my favorite parents came out for conference. i love and miss them dearly. pictures coming soon (don't worry mom, i wont post those pictures i promised i would never show anyone ever).

3.1. how awesome was conference?? i loved every single second of it.

well kids, that's about it. i must go work on my grant some more.....


Mallory said...

WOO HOO!!! Ecuador!!! That is so fantastic! Congrats. Also, I enjoyed the video explaining your life-stealing job. You do so much good for people. You good, good girl.

Alex said...

jealous about galapagos.

Gretchen said...

Yay, I get to stalk your blog!

Amy said...

Don't you just love the grown-up world!? Your job may be stressful, but I hate it say it, it sounds like you have a great one!

I have a blog too, we can be blog friends now! yesitsnatural.blogspot.com

brook said...

yes! i love new blogging buddies

faith said...

my parents and a brother of mine went to ecuador last summer. they had an amazing time. and yes, you can balance an egg on the end and there's a spot that you can see two drains with the water going down different directions (each side of the equator). have a wonderful trip. that's awesome.