it is sometimes hard to understand why we must go through things in our lives. some situations that may seem impossible for me to face, are not difficult to others. others seem to have to endure trials that wouldn't effect me as deeply as it effects them. we always have to remember, that we have no idea what is going on in their lives, nor do they in ours so as to remain as conscious of others as possible.
i have often thought about why certain things happen to me, and about timeliness, and about a million other things. what is it that i have to learn from whatever is happening to me. how can this help someone else? it always seems to me, through what i hear from other people, that often when it rains, it pours. but we must also always remember..... "every cloud we see doesn't [always] result in rain..." {quote from elder cook and photo from macuha.com}


Viviana said...


Such wisdom. I have thought this week that I cannot endure any more. And just when I feel about to give up, H.F. comes in to take me in again and to assure me that He is in control of all things. Some of us seem to get more but in reality, we just get what we need in order to have our thought aligned with Him. I have so much to learn... "yup"

austin said...


MissKris said...

Thank you for your thought for the day! I'm so glad I have such a wise friend :)
Another quote along these lines that I love "Only in the darkest nights can you see all the stars."

Britton said...

1) Well said
2) There's a picture of a hampster on this comment board. Awesome.
3) I read "how to annoy your neighbors." You're my hero.

thatonegirl said...

aww babe. i love that quote now!
another i enjoy : "be kind. everyone you know is fighting a hard battle." Marjorie Hinckley