a while ago, i wrote a post about love and how i've questioned it for quite some time now. i thought i knew my answer then, but now i know it in a more profound way than i could have ever asked for. 

i was recently told that i feel emotions more deeply than most people, that i'm never content with being...content. i'm never in between, grey, or mediocre. well, i flew from love-doubt into being a love-lover again, and i have several thoughts on love. i've cooked up thoughts on different aspects love, different types of love, different ways to love, why love is so touchy, and i've collected quotes, dreams, thoughs, and songs on love. i am a firm advocate of love now, and hope to spread it -- thick and creamy like peanut butter. i just love love!

look forward to the next few posts on love, but for now, look back on the comments on my last post. they're absolutely beautiful, and all come from people i totally admire. they originate from people i trust, and people who i know believe in love because they've found love.

for now, i'll leave you with this:
is there a better bet than love??


Logg said...

I look forward to the "songs on love" post. Music has pretty much shaped my largely untested concept of real and true love.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Lovey Dovey. I want love, I think. No, I do.

Viviana said...

How is it that you have not found love yet David? :) I would be glad to write a letter of recommendation for you, though I have only the posts and Brook's comments to go by